Hayon is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Boston specializing in print, information and interactive design

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Conditional Existentialism Workbook

The workshops were a way of experimenting with how conversation around these topics can happen through visual play, while the focus of each conversation revolves around applying marker to paper. The conversation is facilitated in such a way that encourages participants to collaboratively consult and build on a concept in order to come to an understanding, than to endlessly hold circular debates. Ideas are unhesitatingly shared and respect for the opinions of others are maintained.

    At the heart of this workbook is that it invites you to play. Yes, the conversations that take place are heavy and yes they’re not easy to do, but there is no pressure to be right or to draw well. The simple rules lend themselves to creating something interesting and beautiful every time. And as as we begin to reintroduce these concepts and questions into our lives and become better versed in them, then we can become more unified in thought and practice together. The simple rules of the games lend themselves to more intent focus on the conversations taking place. And the nature of it being an overall indirect yet direct conversation means that the pressure that you may offend or be found ridiculous for your opinions is lessened.     The workbook consists of four worshops. Each lend themselves to creating an entirely different kind of visual conversation map.

Infrathin As A Social Reality

    It’s not a pretty place. It’s not a glamorous place. In fact it’s a place that tends to make people want to stay away from you, not let conversations become too serious, too real, too uncomfortable.
    And I think that’s the real defining aspect of it. It’s uncomfortable—extremely uncomfortable—and for many obliviousness is the path well worn. People claim powerlessness, inadequacy, ineffectiveness, but no action is without effect just as light cannot exist without darkness. So in exploring this gap in our social reality, the line between me and you, a place wherein the dominant vehicle of movement is empathy and each trip across these boundaries is a journey of endurance and perseverence as well as a drop of curiosity but mostly the requirement of a heart resiliant to suffering, and a iron resolve. This space, this infrathin gap in our social realities is one that needs to be compressed, and folded in on itself until the social gap between you and me is nought but a hairs breadth.
    So as we approach this impending inevitable stride towards World Unity, we are compelled to analyze the nuances of where the borders that we need to cross prevail and which bridges of understanding must be built. The following compilation of essays, photographs, stills and anlaysis are an attempt, however futile, to examine these spaces, this infrathin within our social realities.

‘Infrathin as a Social Reality’ is a concept that I stumbled upon whilst immersed in a series of talks about our social crises, humanitarian issues, corporate greed and scientific failures.

The idea of living in the space between my life and the lives of others, trying to bridge the gap between whatever it is that separates one from another—whether that be language, class, prejudices, interests, ignorance, privilige—is a place wherein I feel like I’ve always existed.

‘Aren’t We Clever’ Newspaper

“We are the only species on this planet that aren’t bound by laws of nature. We are not bound by migration like birds, nor are we restricted by environmental ecosystems like beasts. We live wherever we please, eat whatever we find and fashion the elements of this earth into whatever we can imagine. And what have we done with our planet? We have become the most irresponsible, excessive and wasteful generation to ever inhabit this planet. The affects of our monstrous appetite for ‘more’ is largely invisible to us, the consumers. We treat the earth like a commodity, like a binary of dollar signs, demanding that the planet gives us more and more without any considering of the finite nature of it’s resources and creatures. From eating meat to buying brand products, the essays and photography of this collection have been curated to give a broad sweeping view of some of the innumerable problems that we are dealing with. Primarily, issues of overconsumption, waste of resources and the lost connection between us and nature.”
—extract from catalog

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