Articulating Principles

An interactive exhibit held mid-semester for the purpose of engaging my fellow classmates/
teachers/ friends in a dialogue about religion and spirituality. There were a total of four areas of interaction, each invited the participant to react, engage and contribute to the information on the walls and the responses of the other participants

Does it Resonate?
I put nine quotes up on the wall. For every affiliation—religious, nonreligious and spiritual—there were three quotes or ideas. Using colored sticker labels, I asked people to vote for which statements they most connected with. It wasn’t made apparent which quotes supported which affiliation. The reason I did this experiment was to see what kind of ideas people most resonate with, and whether they were at times contradictory to each other.

Moral InfluenceUsing post-its, I made a mosaic wall that invited people to come write down the things that influence them in their principles and beliefs. Some of the replies I got were fairly silly, but some were pretty straightfoward and honest. People mentioned things like adversity, media, the internet, parents, God etc.,

Confession Booth
This was an experiment in the definition of morality. I used an American flag to create a small confession booth. The reasoning behind the flag was that I felt that it was symbolic of the stark contrast of how the founding principles upon which America was founded seemed to hold no ground in the reality of what America is truly today. In the same way I wanted people to confess to me their moral sins as a way to understand what their understanding of morality was. Inside the booth was a microphone into which people would speak into.  

Question Prompts
I made over 15 prompts to which I asked people to respond. The kind of questions I asked were about truth, connecting to spirituality, ideas about religion, authority, human dignity etc., This exercise was truly revealing and a lot of the replies I got were courageously honest and very interesting. I recieved over 50 replies and most of the feedback I got at the end of the show revolved around this exercise saying that it was the most interesting thing to read. In a way it was an indirect conversation about things that most everyone has questions about, but are hesitant to inquire for fear of offending. For me, this was truly the most successful part of the show and thread that I think will continue on throughout the rest of my DP.