Toasty Talks

Audio Podcast / Zine
Weekly series of talks x publications

We ran Toasty Talks for a whole semester and have plans to continue until our time at RISD runs out. It's been an incredible platform for community building amongst our peers and across different departments. I think that RISD students all have so much to offer to each other and all are knowledgeable in so many different ways.

Brielle (my project partner and best friend) and I have both learned so much and benefited from this project. It's been such an exciting process and makes me really love this side of Graphic Design, this people-orientated working process. Design for people.


Toasty is a student run intimate weekly gathering where selected individuals from RISD and Brown are invited to come and discuss a hot topic or issues of great interest. We provide a safe and non-judgemental space for free thinking and meaningful interactions

Toast will be served.

Our Manifesto

1. We are Critical, but not Judgemental
2. Self Education is a permanent and ongoing process
3. Every opportunity to transform yourself is also an opportunity to transform others.
4. Every conversation is a meaningful interaction
5. .___________________.
6. Peer-to-Peer teaching is more effective than Student-Teacher relationships.
7. Toast is Communal
8. Foster a social climate that allows for multiplicity in temperature.
9. Youth are inherently Justice Seekers
10. Listen with your ears, your eyes and your heart.
11. Everyone has something to give and share to others.
12. Questions are more interesting than answers.
13. Be Emotional